2021 Virtual Races

2021 Virtual Races

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Our individual race logos for the 2021 races are to come, but here is the line up for the rest of our BAMR Bands Virtual Race Series!

Spring Forward Virtual 5K/10K

  • Training starts: March 15th
  • Race weekend: May 22nd/23rd

Summer Splash Virtual 5K/10K

  • Training starts: May 24th
  • Race weekend: July 31st/August 1st

Fab Fall Virtual 5K/10K

  • Training starts: August 9th
  • Race weekend: October 16th/17th

Jingle Jangle / New Years 2:1 Combo Virtual 5K/10K*

  • Training starts: October 18th
  • Race #1: December 24th-26th
  • Race #2: December 31st/January 1st

Participate in all of them at a special bundle price!!

-Exclusive Virtual Race BAMR Band
-Custom Race Bib
-5K and 10K Sample Training Plans (I am a certified Run Coach)
-Small Group Motivation (we will have a Facebook group)
-Weekly Check-Ins and Encouragement
-Mid-Training Cycle Zoom Call or FB Live (we will vote)
-Post-Race PRIZES!!!

-10 Week Training Program
-*Jingle Jangle / New Years 2:1 Combo will have 11 weeks

-Establish a routine while completing the training
-Small group community so you don’t have to tackle your goals alone
-Digital format so you can stay active wherever you are.
-Increased health so you can play with your kids more
-Go at the pace that’s best for YOU
-Run anywhere so you don’t have to truck your whole family out to your local race
-Feeling of accomplishment when you finish, so you can gain momentum on your goals
-Be rewarded with post race prizes!

Note: $4 will be added at checkout for shipping to get you your headband and bib!