Behind the Bands

What are BAMR Bands?

BAMR Bands are non-slip headbands for fitness and fashion. They’re suitable for all hair types — from fine and straight to coarse and curly — AND won’t damage your hair or slip out! These headbands are a way to show your personality in your hair — there is a pattern for everyone! The headbands come in four widths: 7/8th inch width (standard), 1.5 inch width (thick), 3/8th inch (skinny), and 5/8th inch width (thin).

What does BAMR mean?

BAMR stands for bad-ass-mother-runner. When BAMR Bands was established in January 2013, Katie was super into running and after a car conversation with her husband, the name was born!

How did BAMR Bands begin?

BAMR Bands started as a fundraiser when Katie was training for a half marathon. Katie loved wearing headbands and wanted to make headbands even better and more affordable than what she was wearing. So, she started to sew. And sew some more. She sold the headbands to meet her fundraising goal and gain feedback on how people liked the bands! Once the fundraising was met and the race was over, BAMR Bands continued as a business and has always kept its charitable component.

BAMR Bands Gives Back

Currently our biggest gives back initiative is our bands with buttons for essential workers. Right when the pandemic hit, I started sewing buttons on the bands to help provide ear relief when masked. If you are an essential worker and in need, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’ve worked with hospitals, doctor offices, schools, grocery stores, and more! Email:



Katie Heddleston is the owner and head sewist of BAMR Bands, making the headbands right from her home office! While BAMR Bands started as a company in Maryland, it grew during her time in Virginia, and now her family resides in Florida. So, no matter where the Heddleston crew lives, BAMR Bands can happen!

Katie is the mother of three amazing boys and has been homeschooling since the pandemic started. She is also a registered dietitian and certified run coach. Katie is married to her nerdy scientist husband, John, and they love anything and everything outdoors!