Polka Dots 1

Polka Dots 1

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For the top patterned ribbon you have the choice of: Colorful Dots, Silver Foil Dots on Black, Silver Foil Dots on White, Silver Foil Dots on Navy, White Mini Dots on Blue, Silver Mini Dots on Yellow, and White Mini Dots on Mint.  All of the ribbons on this image are the standard, 7/8th inch width.

As always, the underside is a velvet ribbon, allowing the band to cling to your hair without damaging or breaking it, to ensure that non-slip fit.

Buttons or No Buttons:
Adding buttons to your headband helps to provide ear relief when mask wearing. This effort started when the pandemic hit and we will continue to provide buttons at no charge.

Elastic Length Info:
Most customers will fit into our standard elastic/headband size. But we do have some shoppers with slightly different head sizes, so I'm happy to adjust your elastic for you! Here is a circumference guide for your head needs:
Standard Elastic: 20.5-22.5 inches
Less Elastic: Under 20.5 inches
More elastic: Over 23 inches
Measure your head like you're wearing a headband for this circumference (which is not the same way that babies have their head circumference done at the doctor!)

Any questions? Please email katie@bamrbands.com.