Your 360 Wellness Accountability Program

Your 360 Wellness Accountability Program

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YOUR 360 WELLNESS ACCOUNTABILITY - a program where you can take what you need and leave the rest. This is a program for you and how you'd like to use it. Your 360 Wellness Accountability Program merges nutrition + movement + mindset in a fun, educational, and supportive format.


  • 3 month program: this first round will run from February 15 - April 15
  • A training plan will be provided like previous virtual races if you'd like to train for a walking or running 5k or 10k during those 3 months
  • Monthly themes to elevate your accountability
  • A package of three headbands delivered after signing up: who doesn't love new workout gear!?
  • MORE accountability
  • MORE check-ins
  • MORE encouragement

Think of the Your 360 Wellness Accountability Program as an enhanced, well rounded, goal oriented virtual race series without the race. This program will utilize more of my background as a Registered Dietitian and bring to you accountability in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, while acknowledging that wellness looks different for everyone.


    • February 15 - March 15:
      • Emotional Wellness: Self-love and Affirmations
    • March 15 - April 15:
      • Fruit and Veggies: More Matters
    • April 15 - May 15:
      • Supplements and Support

    Your 360 Wellness Accountability Program is just $75 for three months. We are keeping this as affordable as possible so more people can access a program like this.

    For additional support needed, you will also have the opportunity to strengthen your three month program with 1:1 nutrition counseling calls with me. You can find this extra information here:

    PS. You will see shipping added to Your 360 Wellness Accountability Program so I can ship you those new gorgeous headbands to you!